Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to all! Life lessons come from all sources and this is the story of a little latke... www.teriholland....View Details

My Confession

I have a confession to make... I've been inconsistent in producing this show and I'm going to share with you why that is because maybe you've found yo...View Details

I used to think fear kept me safe. It didn't. What it did do, was keep me small, unfulfilled and stuck.  Follow me on instagram to connect more: www.i...View Details

We always want the latest strategy, the newest secret that will bring us everything we want, but the biggest factor to your success is the secret we m...View Details

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People will always pay more for an original than an imitation.  Like this episode? Follow me on Instagram at and join th...View Details

Are you digging deep? Or searching wide? Often we miss our greatest opportunities when we forget to look at what's right beneath our feet.  Make sure ...View Details

STOP doing your daily affirmations!! Ok, that's a little dramatic, but if you've ever found yourself wondering if they work... listen to this. Or if y...View Details

This topic is one I am so eager to talk about and I was thrilled when Laura agreed to come on the show and share her expertise.  Laura Tetz is a Certi...View Details

This week, I sat down with Keldie Jamieson to talk about the importance of delegating and getting the right support in your business so that you can S...View Details

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