Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel are the co-founders of Success Training Co., the market leader in Mindpower Coaching™ and Mental Toughness Training™.  ...View Details

Tien Neo Eamas is a Wizard, Artist, Gender Guide, Teacher and Consultant.  The first Asian Transman to publicly come out in Vancouver, Canada 2002, Ti...View Details

“Inspire greatness in everyone, everywhere and leave them better than I found them”. This is David Reeve’s personal purpose in life. Fueled by this pe...View Details

Bosco Anthony is a digital strategist and storyteller. His background in the corporate sector provides wisdom on thought leadership, business growth, ...View Details

Don't say that, don't use those words... have you ever heard that before? The words are not the problem. Details

Conspiracy theories are an important part of the conversations happening right now and here's why.  This episode was recorded as a Facebook live event...View Details

Who is responsible for communication? The communicator? Or the listener? This episode was recorded as a Facebook live video.  To join me live, ...View Details

What you can do right now to begin to build your immune system.  Dr. Taylor Bean is a Naturopathic Doctor in Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam, BC, Canad...View Details

I don't know about you but the stuff that's going on right now wasn't on my vision board for 2020.  If you're feeling disappointed, frustrated, stuck....View Details

Are you using video in your business? Whether you are or not yet, Kelli will inspire you on how to use video effectively.  Kelli Gallant is the owner ...View Details

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